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Bands For Hire

Find bands for hire .


We’re proud to present our carefully selected roster of bands for hire. 


We have 500+ fantastic bands available   for all types of events, and of every music genre and style too. All of our bands are experienced in providing music for events. Every band we support has been tried and tested and has a well-proven track record for delivering quality entertainment and professionalism both on and off stage. 



Enjoy browsing our roster and find bands for hire.


Ask us any questions you have – we’re here to help


A Choice Of 500 Professional Quality Bands for hire


With more than 500 experienced, professional bands to hire , many of whom have won top industry awards, you're going to be spoiled for choice.


We take great care to ensure that you hire the right band for your event and will help you every step of the way.


Bands Available To Hire  - UK Nationwide & Internationally

We support an excellent handpicked roster of more than 300 of the UK's finest bands for hire , covering all music genres right here for you to easily review and select your favourites! 


You can instantly review their videos, listen to their audio recordings, read their biographies, and testimonials, and chat message with us instantly, to ask any questions you may have and to received immediate answers, we'll be very pleased to help and assist you.

We have an exclusive collection of the very best bands for hire  covering all music genres, and suitable for all types of events.

Our bands are all fully professional musicians and entertainers, with many years of live performance experience between them, they have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable, and will all deliver first class live music performances, that will 'WOW' you guests.


Band For Celebrations

No matter what the event, we are certain to have a first-class band that will suit the occasion! Our bands are all well versed with providing the music for wedding celebrations, birthday parties, special celebratory occasions as well as for corporate parties and events. 


Our bands always work with their clients to prepare their playlists and will perform the exact right choice and mix of song material to create the perfect atmosphere.

Many of our bands for hire  play a complete range of different music genres and styles and others concentrate on performing from a specific set of genres, no matter whether you require a rock, pop, jazz, funk, swing, soul, R&B, disco, vintage, contemporary, rock & roll, rockabilly, ceilidh, Scottish, Irish, Welsh or English band, or indeed any other genre not mentioned, or nationality of band, or description, we are certain that we can supply the exact Party Band, that they will be amazing!


UK Live Entertainment

The staff at UK Live Entertainment have been supplying party bands for hire for venues and events right across the UK and Europe and even further afield for more than 35 years.  We have supplied party bands for all types of venues, events, and occasions and are well-used to organising our bands to travel anywhere they are required. Our bands are frequently requested to travel long distances, and we can easily organise everything that is required for our clients to have the band that they choose, wherever they want them to perform!

Our staff are completely familiar with our bands and their capabilities and can advise and recommend a selection of bands for you to consider, that match your requirements perfectly. If you're not sure what type of party band you are looking for, or exactly what you would like them to do at your party or event.  have a chat with our staff today and they will provide you with some options and things to consider when selecting the band for your event.


Bands of Every Music Genre

To enquire regarding any one of our bands for hire , simply start a chat message with us now or complete the brief enquiry form, or give us a quick call if you prefer, we're here to help you, and we would love to hear from you.


It doesn't matter whether you have a quick question to ask or a whole string of questions, before you go ahead and book, we have all the answers and will be very happy to discuss your questions with you.


Booking live entertainment is what we do well, and any help or assistance we can give you will be our pleasure.


We'll help and assit you to find the ideal choice of bands for hire .


Bands For Hire


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Most Popular Band Types

From wedding bands to background music and tribute bands, we have bands to suit most occasions & events available for hire.

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From wedding bands to background music and tribute bands, we have bands to suit most occasions & events available for hire.

Enjoy browsing our choice of bands for hire 

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Most Popular Music Genres

Looking for a specific genre of music? We have quality, professional bands covering most genres, and to suite most budgets too!

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Looking for a specific genre of music? We have quality, professional bands covering most genres, and to suite most budgets too!

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Talk to us for FREE consultancy assistance!

"Bands For Hire" We provide Music & Entertainment for Venues & Events throughout the UK and Internationally

We book acts for venues across the UK and internationally.

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