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Please see answers below to the most frequently asked questions.

Should you have any other questions we'll be happy to answer them for you.

Please contact us via our Chat Message function below, or call us on Freephone 0800 634 9 734. 

Once you have selected the artists you’re interested in, let us know by messaging us using the Live-Chat facility, or call us on the above number, or complete the simple booking enquiry form.  We’ll check the artist/s availability for you, and if they are free for your event date, we’ll guide you through the simple and easy booking process.

Once you have chosen you artist/s, and we have confirmed their availability for you, and you are ready to go ahead and book them, we will raise a confirmation contract to secure the date. We usually collect a 20% deposit at the time of signing of the contract. 

We usually collect the balance of the fee two weeks prior to the performance date, in some circumstances you may be able to pay the balance direct to the artist on the night.

The confirmation contract is a legally binding document that is prepared and signed by both the artist and the hirer. It provides confirmation for all of the details that have been verbally agreed, and details the Terms & Conditions of booking. A sample of both the contract Terms of Booking, and the contract details, can be viewed on our Terms & Conditions page, you can see them here

Cancellation is possible in certain circumstances, but any cancellation has to be agreed by both parties.  Our Terms of Booking clearly explain our cancellation policy, you can read the details here.

All of our musicians, bands, and entertainers, are professionals, and as such they take their work responsibilities very seriously. It is extremely rare that an artist needs to cancel an event, and usually only for extraordinary reasons, illness or bereavement, etc. Should the artist need to cancel, you will be immediately advised and consulted, and offered a full refund of any monies you had paid.  We will then offer you the full support of our office to find a suitable alternative artist, should you want us to.

On the rare occasion that the artist breaks down on their way to your event, you would be notified immediately. The artist will use their best endeavor to continue their journey, and we will assess the situation with you and would provide the support of our 24 hour back-up service, to provide alternative entertainment, should that be considered necessary. UK Live Entertainment is a member of the Entertainment Agents' Association, and has access to a nationwide network of professional entertainers through the association. In the rare circumstance of an artist being unable to proceed to their engagement, we could call upon the assistance of other professional colleague-agents around the country to stand-by alternative entertainers. Additionally, we have substantial database of our own professional artists to draw from.  

Most  of our artists’ do provide all of their own sound and lighting equipment. Details regarding sound and lighting equipment is available on each of the artists profile pages. Should you be required to provide equipment, this will be discussed with you at the time of your enquiry/booking, and every assistance will be provided to help you with this aspect of the requirements.

It is usual that the hirer would provide a light meal and soft drinks for the artist/s. The extent of the catering will depend on a number of circumstances, and this will be discussed and agreed with you at the time of booking. 

Artists do usually need to change and to freshen up before they go on stage; especially if they have travelled any distance, and they do usually require a private lockable changing room. If this facility cannot be provided at your venue for any reason, please advise us as soon as possible, and the matter will be discussed with the artist so that a compromise can be agreed.  

Some venues are fitted with noise-limiters to comply with their licensing conditions. If the venue you are using has a noise-limiter fitted, it will be important to find out what level the limiter is set at, once we have that information we can advise if it may cause any problem. We will gladly liaise with the venue management for you to overcome any potential difficulties in advance of your event.

It depends on the type of entertainment, but it is always better to stage visual entertainment on a raised stage if at all possible, so that the entertainment can be seen by the majority of the audience, but this is not essential. If your venue does not have a raised stage area, just let us know at the time of enquiry/booking and we’ll advise you of the options available for presenting your entertainment to its best advantage.

It depends on whether you want a professional DJ before the band performs, or after they have finished. Most bands support providing pre-recorded music during their bands breaks, and will also provide 30 minutes or so of pre-recorded music before their first set. If you want music after they have finished this can be organised in most circumstances.  Remember though, this will usually be pre-recorded tracks on an ipad, not a live DJ. Some bands do also provide a live DJ service option, but this will usually be charged as an extra. The DJ services each band offers are detailed on their individual profile pages. Should you wish to book a separate DJ, this can be arranged too.  Speak to your co-ordinator who will be able to assist you with this further.

Different bands have different policies regarding this question, if you want to be able to use the bands p.a. system, just let us know at the time of enquiry, or booking, and we’ll discuss the matter with the band, and organise it for you. 

The majority of bands will play up to two hours split into two or three sets, some bands will play for longer. Most bands prefer to play sets for greater impact, but this varies from band to band and is generaly negotiable. You can discuss this point with your co-ordinator who will advise on the best running-order for your entertainment, and liaise with the band regarding the actual playing times.

You will always have ample opportunity to discuss the song-list with the band leader before your event date. The band will have an extensive repertoire of songs to choose from. Whilst you will be able to select songs from their list, we always recommend that you let the band leader decide the final choice of songs and the running order. They are the experts and will be concerned with making sure that your party atmosphere builds well through the music that they play. They are experienced and will produce a play-list with the right song choices that provide a good balance of light and shade, and provide something to please everyone. They will always do their best to include the songs you have requested.