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Hire a Luther Vandross Tribute

Hire a Luther Vandross Tribute  


Hire a Luther Vandross Tribute  from UK Live Entertainment, and you can be sure that you will be hiring a professional and experienced tribute artist.


All our Luther Vandross tribute act performers have been tried and tested and have a well-proven track record for delivering quality entertainment and professionalism both on and off stage.



Browse our roster and find a Luther Vandross tribute for your event today.


Hire a Luther Vandross tribute  

We have the top 3 best Luther Vandross tribute entertainers available for hire!

Check out our Luther Vandross acts and select your personal favourite! 

Luther Vandross Professional Tributes Entertainers

All of our Luther Vandross tribute artists are experienced and professional tribute entertainers, they have clocked up years of live show performances experience and they have literally performed excellent shows hundreds of times, they have totally perfected their impressions of the brilliant smooth soul singer and present fine tribute shows that we are proud to represent.

With their amazing smooth Luther sound-alike voices, their own fantastic live bands or professional quality backing tracks, their smart and suave stage costumes, and brilliant stage production, they present first-class tributes in homage to one of the finest soul singers of the 2oth Century.

Their shows have all been professionally crafted and fine-tuned over the years to ensure that they present the best impersonation and total stage performance in homage to Luther Vandross that they are able.

They regularly perform their shows all over the UK and are also often seen performing onboard luxury cruise liners around the world. These excellent artists are favourite entertainers for hotels and holiday parks, festivals and casinos and are also often invited to perform at corporate events and for private party clients and wedding couples too.

Often asked back wherever they perform, they all have busy working schedules and are in constant demand. 

Stars In Their Eyes Tribute Artists

One of our brilliant Luther tributes started his tribute career after his hugely successful appearance on the hit Granada TV series Stars In Their Eyes, and he's never looked back!

Luther Vandross Tribute - Song Repertoire

Our acts will fit as many of Luther's amazing songs into their show sets and you are certain to hear some of these great songs being performed: 

  • Endless Love

  • Here and Now

  • Always and Forever

  • Never Too Much

  • A House Is Not A Home

  • Any Love

  • Stop To Love

  • If Only For One Night

  • Little Miracles

  • So Amazing

  • The Best Things in Life are Free

  • Your Secret Love

  • Take You Out

  • The Closer I Get To You

  • Love The One You're With

  • Power Of Love

  • The Impossible Dream

  • Bad Boy Having A Party

  • Don't Want To Be A Fool

  • 'Til My Baby Comes Home

  • Wait For Love

  • I Can Make It Better

  • Love Won't Let Me Wait

  • I Really Don't Mean It

  • Think About It

  • Heaven Knows

  • And many others!

Our entertainers will always personalise their performances by singing specially requested songs advised in advance of the show date.

Our acts are regularly invited to present their tribute shows to audiences throughout the UK and are also in demand to perform throughout mainland Europe too, they can frequently be seen performing their acts onboard luxury cruise ships, and their shows are always very well appreciated, by their audiences. Back on dry land, they are popular with live music venues throughout the UK and especially cabaret clubs, casinos, hotels and other live music venues.

Frequently asked to perform for private parties, special occasions and weddings, they will always tailor their shows to suit the occasion and clients need perfectly.

Hire a Luther Vandross Tribute

Hire a fabulous Luther Vandross tribute act from UK Live Entertainment, and you can be certain that you will be hiring a first class, professional, quality, tribute entertainer from a reliable and trusted tribute act agency.

Call us or Live-Chat with us today for free consultancy and advice regarding the act of your choice or let us suggest suitable entertainers for you, we're always happy to help!


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Hire a Luther Vandross Tribute


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