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Hire a Madness Tribute Band

Hire a professional Madness Tribute Band  


Hire a Madness tribute band  from UK Live Entertainment, and you can be sure that you will be hiring a professional and experienced tribute artist.


Every Madness tribute band we support has been tried and tested and has a well-proven track record for delivering quality entertainment and professionalism both on and off stage.


Enjoy browsing our roster of Madness tribute band shows.


Hire a Madness Tribute Band  


Madness Tribute Band

We have a fabulous handpicked selection of Madness tribute band shows for hire!

We're confident that our Madness tribute bands are the very best!

Our tributes have all of the energy, talent and stage presence that the original Madness band has themselves, they present amazing and authentic show performance that will leave you in awe!

Their brilliant shows are filled with all of the stage presence, the great look and the sounds of Madness, and incorporate everything that's great and so loved about the original band from song lyrics, music, and great sound-alike vocals, to brilliant authentic costumes and stage production, you could be forgiven for thinking it was Madness on the stage in front of you, our tribute bands really are that good!

Our Madness tribute bands have been performing together for many years, and have developed great shows and amazing on-stage and off-stage friendships and synergy which really shows through in their live stage performances. They all really love what they do, and they have great fun doing it!  


Madness The Band

Madness is one of the longest running and most successful bands that evolved toward the latter end of the 1970s and is still touring the world and performing to sell out audiences today, the band has maintained its original 7 member line-up, and together they achieved 15 singles which achieved top-ten positioning in the UK singles charts, their records spent a staggering 214 weeks in the UK singles charts over the course of six years from 1980 to 1986, and their songs are still widely played and enjoyed all over the world today!


Madness Tribute Band

Our tribute bands work very hard to live up to the expectations of Madness music lovers, and they are constantly rehearsing their tribute shows, to be certain that they are maintained in tip-top shape and do the music justice.

All of our bands have spent years together developing their stage show productions and perfecting every nuance of a live Madness band performance, their very high production, and performance standards, and the standards of musical and vocal accuracy and authenticity they achieve, earn them the right to call themselves Madness tribute bands. Couple all of this together with brilliant production; sound and lighting, and excellent, fine-tuned stagecraft, and you have a blend which is truly magical!

Our bands recreate all of the best known and most popular Madness hit songs with uncanny accuracy and deliver exciting performances, which will have you amazed and in awe! 


Madness Tribute Band - Song Repertoire

Many of these brilliant Madness songs will be performed in our tribute band's shows:

  • Our House

  • It Must Be Love

  • Baggy Trousers

  • House of Fun

  • One Step Beyond

  • My Girl

  • Night Boat to Cairo

  • Shut Up

  • Embarrassment

  • Driving My Car

  • Grey Day

  • Mr Apples

  • Wings Of a Dove

  • The Sun And The Rain

  • Cardiac Arrest

  • the Prince

  • One Better Day

  • Michael Caine

  • Tomorrow's

  • NW5

  • Lovestruck

  • Drip Fed Fred

  • Return of The Los Palmas 7

  • Bed & Breakfast man

  • Sugar And Spice

  • Can't Touch Us Now

  • Yesterday's Man

  • the Ghost Train

  • Shame & Scandal

  • Uncle Sam

  • Johnny The Horse

  • Dust Devil

  • And many others!

Our tribute bands are always happy to include your favourite Madness song request, please let us know in advance of the show date if you would like them to perform any particular songs for your event.

Our Madness bands are always very in-demand and busy performing their brilliant shows right across the UK and abroad too. They can often be seen performing at venues and events in locations throughout Europe and are in constant demand to perform their brand of Madness magic at live music venues, festivals, theatres, casinos, hotels and events in the UK. 

Regularly invited to perform for private events, parties and weddings, they are always very well received and enjoyed wherever they perform.

All of our Madness tribute bands have their own first-class PA sound and lighting systems which are suitable for average sized venues and events. 


UK Live Entertainment

UK Live Entertainment book hundreds of tribute bands and artists every year, we support an extensive roster of more than 500 of the UK's finest acts, and we advise and assist our customers to choose the right bands and artists for their venues, parties and events.

We want our client's events to be 100% successful and will always provide impartial advice, to ensure that success is achieved.


Hire a Madness Tribute Band

Hire one of our brilliant Madness tribute band shows for your party, festival, venue or event today!


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Hire a Madness Tribute Band


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